American Egg Board

In 2020, we all have had a lot of challenges to face. To make your businesss work in this environment we've been nimble, cut unneccessary expenses and found ways to deliver our clients something remarkable against all odds. Or so it felt at times. The American Egg Board and Razorfish Chicago office tapped us to help revamp a website. It was the peak of the early pandemic when everything was shut down, supply chains were almost nonexistent and shooting with a team was unthinkable. Considering that there are two of us with unique talents outside of just photography we were able to make a compelling case for creating the work. Rebecca has lots of prop styling and hand modelling experience, having done both for Nordstrom in the midwest product photography studios. In many ways she has more experience hand modelling than anyone else in Kansas City. Caleb has the food styling knowlege to not only plate things properly but also concieve and execute technically challenging dishes. Normally for a shoot of this magnatude you'd want a team of 6-10 people but that just wasn't going to be possible. We not only made due with our circumstances, but exceeded client expectations. We were two people working from their homes, sourcing props and building spaces with a tight deadline and high expectations. This year had the potential to break us but it made us instead. Sure we had lots of "learning moments" but we want to share it all here moving forward.

In this new year we're going to dedicate some time better telling our story. We spend lots of effort planning, strategizing and executing content for our clients but have realized we need to apply some of that creative effort towards what makes our business special. We're a team of two with lots of unique talents and have found lots of ways to make a mark. We moved to Kansas City in December of 2021. Since then we've shot the cover six times for Kansas City Magazine, and 4 times for Feast. Our photos made it into Esquire after our return client Fox & Pearl was placed in the top ten restaurants across the US. We landed big commercial work and are on the preferred vendor list for two of the top agency groups worldwide. We bid a job with more zeroes than ever and only missed out because we nailed the creative brief and the client changed directions midstream (the agency creative was 100% behind our proposal deck). While it hasn't been all roses and we definitely don't feel we've made it, we're living our best lives trying to see how far we can take our ideas. Feeling you've made it is maybe a bit dangerous anyway. There's always something else to achieve, new stories to tell, and adventures to yet experience. We hope you follow along as we do our best to show you what we're about and share our adventures as a creative endeavor.