We regularly shoot product for Nordstrom in their midwest based photo studio and here's a few examples of what we do for them when we're on set. There's a pretty strict set of guidelines to follow to insure everything looks great and that attention to detail is a huge asset we bring to the table whether it's one photograph or 1,000.


Balanced Audio Technology makes $15,000 tube amplifiers with completely separate audio paths for each channel. We needed to show the luxury finish off of the product but also find a way to make the inside stand out as well as their circuit design is a large part of the cost of the unit. 


Shooting this set of studio food images for ziploc was a blast. We managed a large production team and were able to get a bunch of content done in a single day to help Ziploc have recipe posts throughout the following quarter in their social media feeds. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 3.35.29 PM