First off we're fishing fanatics. Fly fishing, spin fishing, you name it, we do it. Instagram is useful for showing your core customers that you understand the culture around their favorite hobbies. Let us use our creative eye to bring that perspective to your brand. We've brought together a bit of our fishing imagery created over the past year together to show what a curated feed could look like. A mix of branded imagery, fish hero shots, landscapes, recipes and so on to really drive home that Clear Creek is a part of the greater fishing community. We're experts and content and would love you to take a look at some of our ideas. 

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There would be a great feedback system set up so if there were things Clear Creek would like to see more of, we could adjust to meet those needs, while still finding a way to create a consistent voice for the brand. Imagine our photographs and video concepts as core imagery to base brand communications around. Then insert user photos and design/manufacturing images to create the full brand story, all while using language that's relatable and not too corporate. Instagram was based around the idea of people sharing their first person experience of the world and maintaining that perspective is key here.  

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This is a great space to do product giveaways, get tagged by users, create a real community around your brand. It takes a while to build, so why not let us help you get there? People are proud when they spend a little extra on quality gear and their testimonials can be EVERYTHING for a company like Clear Creek dedicated to creating quality fishing gear. 

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Imagine every week there being some simple video also to make the feed really interactive and engaging. We could do a short video every 3 rows. We have some ideas on how to make it budget friendly and a general part of our content creation plan. Running a business isn't cheap so we'll work with you all to make sure this process is efficient and something sustainable long term. 

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