Rich stories are what we're after and sometimes a moving image with great sound and a custom soundtrack fills a special place in your brand's story or for an editorial piece your magazine is dying to get out there. We're a team, a duo, so we can shoot both stills and video at the same time with a similar vision. We can't wait to fill this section out more and share our ideas for making your stories POP. We have a great team of people on call to make custom soundtrack work or to produce even the biggest projects. 


We love getting to partner with passionate chefs and makers. Hanging out with Jesse Sauerbrei, the owner of one of our favorite pizza places was a blast and even better was eating some of that killer pizza. This project helped establish a format for other small businesses that included a few short instagram edits and also an origin story. Packaged up along side in depth photo coverage gives people content for their social media feeds and keeps the brand looking fresh. 




Soko Outdoors is a new retail shop in Cedar Rapids, IA. We wanted to really showcase the feeling of being in nature to get to the core of what their shop facilitates. A high end outdoor retailer acquires and maintains customers through communicating about not just product but also a lifestyle. We took some models to one of our favorite locations and created some video and photo content to keep their social feeds busy for a few months. Being two shooters meant we could use our unique vision and capture both stills & motion at the same time while keeping a consistent brand message.